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Without getting into heavy scientific vocabulary in simple terms we have worked with doctors and researchers to develop our hemp pain cream. We use a proprietary mixture of salts that safely and temporarily cause a response in the cell to deliver the compound directly where it needs to be.

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We take the hassle out of finding pain relief.
We have assembled a team of professionals, to bring you the purest, safest hemp products in the world.

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Please be assured that your items will ship out within two days of purchase. We determine the most efficient shipping carrier for your order.

Increase your small businesses revenue

Purchase this kit and make up to $2550 profit, of your one time cost of $1770.

This kit contains:

  • 6 pack CBD Instant 600 mg.
  • 6 pack CBD Instant 300 mg.
  • 6 pack Hemp Xtreme Freeze
  • 6 pack Hemp Xtreme Gummies
  • 6 pack Hemp Xtreme Capsules 25 mg. per 30
  • 6 pack Hemp Xtreme Tinctures 500 mg.
  • 6 pack Hemp Xtreme Tinctures 750 mg.
  • 6 pack Hemp Xtreme Relief Pain Cream 400 mg.

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